How to Properly Build a Well Water System

By Fred Cores

Proper Location is just one of the many logistical facets to consider when installing a well water system.

But proper construction is just as important, if not more so than the location of the well. Neither location nor construction can be ignored when building a well water system to your water supply, and if you want to have a successful well installation, both have to be executed with care and professional training.

The materials and labor you use to build your well should be of the highest quality you can attain. This is not the time to pinch pennies and try and get work done on the cheap. Without proper personnel and materials you could be risking contamination, improper wells which need repair or redress to use.

Professionals to the Rescue – DIY home renovation and repair has exploded in popularity in recent years. Thanks to large-scale retailers of home goods such as Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe’s, people are attempting to do more of the repair work around their home than ever before. However, you cannot trust the planning, and construction of a well to any person not thoroughly experienced in such endeavors.

Most states have some regulatory agency regarding the safety and uniform regulation of wells, and those regulations have to be met. Like any construction project, you might be expected to obtain a permit, and you will most certainly have to specify what professional is going to do the installation.

Professionals will be able to do the work you need with the right tools. It’s important that the well be built correctly for the safety and comfort of any using it.

An approved well cap or seal shall be installed at the top of the well casing to prevent any contamination from entering the well at the surface. A well vent is required. The well vent pipe shall be at least 1/2 inch in diameter, 8 inches above the finished grade, and be turned down, with the opening screened with a minimum 24-mesh durable screen to prevent entry of insects.

Only approved well casing material meeting the requirements of the local regulatory agency may be utilized. To prevent contamination, the annular space between the drill hole and the well casing shall be grouted below a “pit less” adapter or unit in accordance with the any applicable regulators.

These are simply a few of the many steps involved in well construction. However, if you found yourself scratching your head at some of the materials you’re not alone. Be sure you have solid plans and solid personnel when you decide to build your home well.

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Well Water Treatment

If Your Building a New Home, Well Water May Be a More Appealing Option Than Municipal Water

By Fred Cores

Wells were once the only solution for getting a regular water supply to homes too far to be plugged into the closest water infrastructure available. But as people are beginning to take a renewed interest in self-sufficiency measures like gardens and solar energy generation, wells are beginning to be seen as a great way to deliver fresh, clean water to an entire household.

The freshness and cleanliness of the water in the main supplies that feed most urban areas is certainly questionable nowadays. There are many good reasons to have a well installed in your home, and this article will help enumerate some of the best reasons to stop living off of tap and start living well.

Wells are Cleaner – Wells are sources of water that have never before been used. The water that wells draw is fresh water that has come from an underground source, or from some nearby water source. This means that it is much cleaner and more hygienic than the water that comes from the main supply or from the local infrastructure.

Water supplies in major metropolitan areas have some major contamination issues that seem to be increasingly problematic. While it’s true there was more refuse and garbage in the American Great Lakes in the 70’s and 80’s, there are more kinds of troubling contaminants found today.

Wells Eventually Equal Free Water – While it isn’t free to have a well installed, it does mean that you no longer have to pay a water utility, which over time could save hundreds or thousands of dollars if you have a well-constructed well. These savings at least mean that over time a well comes to cost nothing, which is a fairly reasonable price for a high amount of clean and fresh water, delivered on demand.

Wells can be Customized-Well water can be customized in order to make sure that there are no troubling mineral elements or other undesirable elements. Water can also be softened and purified, allowing you to deliver the quality of water you demand into your home every day. It’s not feasible or practical to give consumers the same ability to purify water off of the same line, and though water treatment is available, it’s more expensive and less effective than treating fresh well water.

There are plenty of great reasons to trust your water supply to a well. You’ll always know what’s in your drinking water, and you’ll never rely on the city to supply your water. As long as your well is maintained properly you can rest assured that you water will be safe and plentiful.

Keeping your well properly maintained is the first step in ensuring that your family’s water is safe. Triple A Pump & Well provides well water testing and well cleaning services. Triple A Pump & Well has several locations through McHenry and Dupage County Illinois.

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Does your water taste odd? Do you need well water pump or treatment services? For all water treatment services “Look No Further, Look to Amber Pump & Water Treatment, LLC” Call 315 636-8211 or 315 727-4644 Bryan Wolf in the Syracuse, New York area & CNY residential and commercial service.

Some of the Many Benefits of Well Water

As economic times remain difficult and interest in renewable energy and sustainable living rises, wells are getting new attention. Wells are indeed sources of clean water that is almost always absent of the myriad of filth our current water supply faces. People with wells dramatically reduce their exposure to the chemicals, narcotics, and other pollutants that are common to large water supplies.

Wells also haven’t faced any runoff from industrial farms, so they lack the chemical fertilizers and prescription drugs that are no strangers to drinking water in major metropolitan areas. The clean and fresh water that wells provide are just one of their many benefits.

Wells also help decentralize and de-congest water supplies. In areas where water is plentiful it’s less of an issue, but where water is scarce, there are real possibilities of running out of water, or not having enough supply to water all plants and areas of the lawn. Wells alleviate both of these problems by giving you a direct line to a source of water that is as big as you need it to be.

While not every area has high volumes of water underground, if you dig deep enough and know where to look, you will find there’s a world of water beneath us that is waiting to be tapped. Well water is also remarkable because it doesn’t require all the energy that water does to transport, sanitize, and distribute water from its source to your sink.

That means it’s an energy-efficient way to save water, that keeps water companies from having to process this utility, meaning there’s more for others who are still plugged into the water supply in case of a natural disaster or catastrophe.

You will also see the savings in both water and electrical utility by only pumping and running water when you need it. This will save money and energy, adding stability and an eco-conscious voice, while saving money and improving quality of life.

They say the hardest thing in life these days is to remain simple. Wells are a simple piece of machinery that help you do all the things you’d like to do to protect your loved ones and their health. Wells are a time-tested, economical, and eco-friendly move that helps your family achieve greater energy independence, a lower carbon footprint, and tune you in to the resources all around you.

Wells come in many shapes, sizes, and purposes. But whatever mean of employment you deign for a well, it can be a great resource in a time of very limited resources.

Does your water taste odd? Do you need well water pump or treatment services? For all water treatment services “Look No Further, Look to Amber Pump & Water Treatment, LLC” Call 315 636-8211 or 315 727-4644 Bryan Wolf in the Syracuse, New York area & CNY residential and commercial service.