Home Water Filter Systems – Their Overlooked Benefits Revealed!

You probably already know that water is essential
for good health, and that drinking clean and pure water is just as
important. That’s why high-quality whole house water filter systems are so

Using a home water filter system makes sense. After all,
why would you want to jeopardize your family’s health by having them
drink tap water, which can be full of contaminants like chemicals and

But you should also be aware of the numerous ways in
which healthy water can help your body prevent or clear up various
ailments. Here are a few examples:

-It can help treat headaches. Most of your brain is made up of water, and if it gets dehydrated, you get a headache.

-It can help prevent hypertension. Blood
is similarly composed mostly of water, and the failure to drink enough
water can negatively affect blood circulation or how effectively it
goes around your body.

-It can help alleviate pain in the joints.
Adequate amounts of water in your body are essential for the
lubrication of your joints, to prevent the painful friction that arises
when your joints rub against each other.

The ways that clean and
pure water helps make you healthier are excellent. But there are other
positive benefits to having healthy water in your home.

Here are some of the ways in which home water filter systems can vastly make your residential quality of life even better:

– No more itchy or dry skin from water that is full of chlorine or other chemicals when you shower or take a bath.

– No more mineral deposits on your laundry from contaminants in the water.

– No more odd-smelling water coming from your sink or shower, which
can be annoying or embarrassing, especially if you are having guests
staying over! Take comfort in the fact that you and the other people in
your household are using odor-free, clean water when brushing your
teeth or bathing.


The water in your home should be as clean and as pure as nature
intended, before it was ruined by pollution and contamination. Find the
best home water filters that protect your skin, your clothes, and your family’s health.

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Off Grid Water System – What Are Your Options?

By Buck Jones

Living off grid comes with its own advantages. You, for instance, will be living in very natural, unpolluted areas, whether you buy a house off grid or you choose to buy bare land to develop your homestead on. However, most aspiring homesteaders fear the water issue that comes with off grid living. If you have been relying on city water that was never disappointed you, then you most definitely are more likely to fear having to deal with no access to water once you make the move.

But fortunately there are still options you can choose from when it comes to off grid water system. A good water system will not only serve your water needs on the property, but also work very well during disasters as far as water goes. There is really nothing as good as being prepared for a bad day and this is what your off grid system should be all about. So what really are your options to have enough water even when living off grid?

Rain catchment system

The good thing about rain barrel systems is that you do not have to pay for the water. All you have to do is get barrels and create a system right from your roof and you will have enough water to sustain your needs on your property. If you live in areas that can get quite cold thus risking frozen barrels, find a way that you can keep them in better temperatures to avoid such issues. You can build root cellars for them or bury them to counter the effects of very cold months. It is also worth considering a water purifying system for your rainwater so you can drink it with no worries at all. With a good rain catchment system, you only need medium rainfall to fill up your barrels and have enough to cater to your needs.

Well water system

Digging up a well on your off grid property is a very viable long term water solution. If your land lies low on the water table, then digging the well will be very easy, but if not, then you may need to find an expert who can advise on which point is best for the well so you do not end up digging and missing water. Once the well is all dug up, you can then consider installing a hand pump to pull water up. A hand pump saves you lots of effort and time, especially with wells that are deep, but you can also look for other options for the well you find more suitable.

Cistern water system

Cisterns make very good water options for an off grid property. One fill can serve your water needs for months and you can fill them up by pumping from the river, your well, rain water or getting a delivery. With this water option, you can choose above ground system or a below ground system. An above ground system gives you the option of carrying to the point of filling and then bringing it back, whereas cisterns below ground work amazing in cold climates because they are protected from freezing and are usually larger in capacity.

When looking for an off grid water system, it is important to consider your water needs on the property and also the climate so you can choose a system that serves all your needs effectively.

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Hard Water Can Destroy Your Plumbing Over Time – Use a Water Softener to Prevent This!

By Alex Trem

It’s important to deal with hard water and “soften it” as soon as possible once identified. There are two stages of purification and by identifying the right type of solution you can make your hard water turn healthy for your plumbing’s longevity.

There are two stages and they are as follows:

Stage 1: Identifying Water softener solutions: –

As the name suggests they help in softening hard water, which happens due to many reasons, a few of them are as follows:

a. Available contaminants in the area which gets dissolved into the water and end up polluting it.

b. Corrosion activities taking place during the circulation of water to your house

c. Iron getting leaked into the pipes and getting dissolved.

Here are two major water softening systems available for you:

1. Salt Free Softener: This unique technology is specially recommended for patients suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. This system works on nanotech component to remove the calcium scale and avoid it from rebuilding and reforming.

2. Salt Based Ion System: This system is a little complex; it uses the exchange method to eliminate calcium and magnesium from water. In this process positively charged sodium ions are allowed to be exchanged with calcium and magnesium and exposed to an exchanged medium. This process helps the exchanged medium to get recharged with salt ions, making it to be re used again.

Before selecting a water softener system, you have to primarily analyze the type of water getting supplied to you, in case you have not been able to analyze it properly we advise you to take the help of a softener professional. These professionals can make your task easier by finding out the type of water and suggesting you the right kind of softener required because, if you haven’t been able to find it correctly then the entire process of setting up water treatment solution is gone for a toss. So please be very careful and specific.

After you decide upon the softener solution, let’s move on to the second stage.

Stage 2: Identifying water treatment solution:

By carefully selecting your softener solution half of your work is over and for the other half you have to decide upon the type of water treatment solution required. There are lot of variety available to suit you requirement, few of them are water purification, bacterial removal system, chlorine handling equipments, corrosion control etc.

One need a detailed investigation before selecting the type of water treatment solution that is best for your needs. Keep in mind the advantages and short comings of all possible solutions when you go shopping for a water softener.

If your going for a water softener salt system than make sure to read more about water softener parts because some parts require specific maintenance! Especially water softener resin beads which you should learn more about on my website or a quick Google search before purchasing!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Alex_Trem/565849


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