Benefits You Get When You Install a Water Storage Tank

By M Kohli

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Did you ever seriously think about trying to install a water storage tank? If you live in Australia then I would not be surprised why you end up with that idea. The dry spell in Australia is very severe although many have thought about installing water storage tank but very few ever really get serious. Some lack the energy or initiative and others may worry about the cost. There may be many people who never even thought of trying maybe because they did not know where to start from. Although the government often announces interesting rebate schemes from time to time to encourage people to invest in rainwater tanks it is very important that people understand the benefits of water storage tanks. It is important to understand the benefits else those who never really understood it can easily get side-tracked.

Any choice is easy to make when you have enough information. O.K. then, let’s get more information about the benefits of installing water tanks. Let’s look at 3 factors that motivated so many people across Australia to install a water storage tank.

First off, Water tanks help in water conservation. I would like point out that by installing a water storage tank your dependency on the mains water supply would reduce significantly. The best thing is that those who have installed water storage tanks save up to 40% of household water.

Second, by installing water tanks you would save a lot on monthly water bills. Plus, your day to day work will not come to halt due to shortage of water supply. So, water storage tanks provide the most environmental friendly and economical way of water conservation.

Third and last, you are able to store enough of water to do all your household work. This will mean that even if there is restriction imposed by the mains water supply you will have enough water for jobs like watering gardens and lawns or car washing. And again, this means that the smallest of jobs will not come to a halt due to shortage of water supply!

Think about those three reasons, consider them. For many, they make a compelling case for seriously considering setting up a water system at home and in office. What about you? After considering those three reasons to, what do you think? Shouldn’t you seriously give it a thought as well?


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The Importance Of Water Storage Systems

A Water Storage Tank for Rainwater Harvesting

By Steve J Rechardson

Rainwater harvesting carries more benefits than you ever imagined. It makes the maximum use of rain water and reduces the burden on other water sources such as ground water reserves, lakes, and rivers. Rainwater can be stored in a water storage tank and the water therein can be filtered and re-used for several different applications.

For instance, harvested rainwater could be used for gardening and landscaping, washing cars, in the flush tank, for feeding livestock, and so on. In fact, this water can also be filtered and treated to make it potable.

Areas where water scarcity is widespread can benefit from the use of the right rainwater harvesting systems and tanks. A fiberglass tank is the best option for harvesting rain water as it is entirely non-corrosive. It is the best solution for storing water safely, without the risk of contamination.

A steel tank would have been the conventional choice, but since it is prone to corrosion and the resulting maintenance, it might not be considered to be the most viable option today.

A water storage tank being used for rainwater harvesting can be fitted with several different types of accessories that enhance the filtering, storage, and access process.

Here are some advantages of tanks used in the rainwater harvesting process:

  • If planned and implemented in the right manner, such tanks are capable of capturing up to 100% rainwater from a particular surface.
  • These tanks are suitable for various applications such as landscaping, storm water, potable drinking water, gray water, and so on.
  • There are several different tank ranges available, and these are capable of storing around 300 gallons to 60,000 gallons of water.
  • The tanks can also be fitted with special accessories and components for the purpose of filtering out oil, particulate contaminants, and organisms.
  • Whether it is a fiberglass or steel tank, you can store water and re-use. This helps save a lot of money, as the cost of water is increasing year on year. This, thus, becomes an economical investment.
  • There are several manufacturers that offer non-corrosive tanks made from fiberglass. These tanks are entirely safe to use, and can last for several years.
  • The use of a steel or fiberglass tank is not limited to storing water underground. It can be used for a myriad of innovative uses such as building cooling, eco fountains, and rooftop farming, and so on.

Thus, rainwater can be used in hundreds of different ways as long as the water storage tank is code-complaint. This is the most environment friendly way to store water and ease the burden on other natural water sources. To reiterate, rainwater harvesting is a sustainable way of life and it can be implemented virtually anywhere.

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Which Water Storage Tank Should You Choose?

Do You Need A Water Storage Tank?

Which Water Storage Tank Should You Choose?

By Dan Salvatore

Choosing The Right Water Storage Tank

There are many reason for storing water and, depending on where you live, some reason may overshadow others. Home owners in California may need to store water for fire protection where folks in Georgia and North Carolina who are currently struggling through he worst drought on record, are looking for ways to store water delivered by trucks. Likewise, homeowners on the central coast of California are paying premium prices for water if they can get it. It’s not unusual for a home on a small 50′ x 75′ lot in San Luis Obispo county to generate a bimonthly water bill of $500 or more. The high cost and limits of city water has led to an increase in the purchase of water tanks to hold both rain water and trucked-in water. Many throughout the country are choosing to rain water storage systems for economic reasons as well as environmental concerns. Still, others have found that they need fresh water storage after pouring thousands of dollars into well that produces very little or no usable water.

There are many other reasons why homeowners, ranchers and others choose to purchase a water storage tank including, fire protection, emergency water storage, water treatment, water reclamation, irrigation and livestock needs. Which tank is the right choice for you? Here is a little overview of the most common types of tanks available.

Liquid storage tanks are made from a number for different materials including:

  • Wood

  • Steel

  • Fiberglass

  • Concrete

  • Polyethylene water storage tanks

Wood tanks have been used for hundreds, maybe thousands of years for numerous uses ranging from bathing to beer and wine fermentation to water storage and more. These tanks can last a hundred years or more if tended properly. The most important issue with wood tanks is that the stay filled and the wood swelled. Many view wood tanks to be both beautiful and practical. However the initial cost of wood tank is high. They are generally shipped in pieces and should be assembled by trained coopers.

High volume steel tanks are generally used by industry for storing a variety liquids including water. The advantages of steel tanks is their strength, durability and potential huge capacities. The tanks can either be formed into a completed unit for shipping or designed to be assembled on site. These tanks are made of various types steel and can have many types of coatings. They become most cost effective in sizes exceeding 100,000 gallon. Steel tanks typically require large equipment and trained installers and cost of installation can be high.

Fiberglass tanks have many advantages. One is their strength-to-weight ratio allowing them to be placed practically anywhere. Another is their ability to be buried with out fear of failure over time due to rust or rotting. Although fiberglass is versatile and durable, it is also relatively expensive, ranging around $1.50/per gallon plus installation costs.

Concrete tanks can be pre-made, or made on site and can last 30 to 50 years or more. Concrete tanks are strong and can be above ground or buried. Some like the look of concrete, considering them to have an old look and can lend themselves to landscaping. However, due to their weight they typically need large machinery to set them and or qualified help to build them on site. Cost can be high. A 10,500 tank built on site starts at about $9,000.00.

Polyethylene water storage tanks are the most economical tanks for water storage up to around 50,000 gallons. Plastic potable water tanks are light weight, strong durable, easy to work with and easy to install. These tanks are rotationally molded, meaning that they have no seams to leak. They re impact resistant and can literally be rolled into place. They need no special bedding or foundation and are typically set on a bed of sand or pavement. Dark green and black poly tanks are specifically made for storing water only with their dark color inhibiting algae growth. These tanks have UV inhibitors added to the tanks’ polyethylene giving them a typical lifetime 15 years or more.

Remember, when planning to install any large water storage tank, be sure to inquire about your local codes, permits and other requirements.

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Do You Need A Water Storage Tank?

Why You Need a Well Water Tank

Do You Need A Water Storage Tank?

By Bart Icles

Having the luxury of being able to avail of potable tap water is not something that everyone has. For those who have access to potable water 24/7, then well and good. The thing is, sometimes, we take this for granted even though we know that water is among the most basic of things that we need to be able to survive. Without water, we cannot possibly live for a very long time. We will die a natural death with its absence.

So, for places that do not have easy access to clean, potable water, residents there should take the time and should save up for a water storage tank to make sure they always have access to clean drinking water. It is a good thing that in America, a lot of households have access to clean, potable drinking water. Other countries do not have such luxury, and since water is among the most basic of man’s needs, then looking for means to have a good water storage system is of utmost importance.

Even in places where people have access to clean, potable drinking water, water storage tanks are still considered a necessity, especially for people who wants to always ensure their health and safety. The extra precaution they take in order to ensure their family’s health and safety is of utmost importance, and thus, the need of installing drinking water storage tanks in their residences.

Based on a research done by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there are more than 160,000 water systems that provide water to almost all residents of the United States at any given point in their lives. This may sound comforting for some, yes, but there are times wherein the water is not properly treated. There are times that the water does not travel through a properly disinfected distribution system and thus, impose a lot of risks on the health of the individuals drinking them. This causes concern, and to top it all off, pollution is also considered as a factor that contaminates water. To avoid any of these things from afflicting you and your family, then it is going to be a wise move investing in water storage tanks. At least, they can give you more peace of mind.

There are different types of water storage tanks available in the market today. To make sure that they suit your needs, you need to make sure that you know what specifications you need them to meet, like how much water you need stored, how long you need it stored, and for what specific use it should be. Also, you need to consider where you are going to place it. These are just among the considerations, and of course, you would want to get the one that would suit your needs to a tee, so it’s important that you make a list before you purchase anything related to water storage.

Water storage is really important, especially for emergency reasons. Make sure that you have water storage tanks all the time to avoid water shortage.

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