Our Services

    We offer a number of different services that fall into three main categories: water treatment systems, water pump systems, and well drilling. Our professionals have years of experience in Installation, Service, Repair of Submersible and Jet Pumps, Pressure Tanks, Water Softeners, Ultra violet Filters, Iron and Sulfur Systems, and Low Volume Well Water Storage Systems. We’re standing by to help you regardless of the size of the problem! We offer all of our services to both residential and commercial customers. ALL YOUR WATER NEEDS!

    Our Story

    The Beginning: Amber Pump & Water Drilling

    Amber Pump & Water Drilling was founded by William (Mel) Simmons in 1968. Simmons created a company that quickly went from a new business to the trusted name in full-service well drilling. Amber Pump & Well was soon known throughout the area as a business one could trust.

    Expanding Horizons

    In 1990 Bryan Wolf joined the company and in 2009 purchased pump service part from Simmons. Wolf set out to expand the company’s offerings and he changed the name to Amber Pump & Water Treatment. This name change reflected the business’s new offerings including water treatment services and water softeners. Syracuse, New York residents now had a full-service company that offered everything from basic water testing to water pump installation.

    Our Principles

    Amber Pump & Water Treatment is dedicated to providing all of our customers a better quality of water. We want to make certain that you have the best water possible, and to that end, we offer free basic water test. If we see that you do have hard water,
    Our Story

    we’ll do everything possible to treat the issue, so you have outstanding water quality. We know hard water can affect your home water system to your dishes, to your health, so we want to make certain it’s dealt with as soon as possible.

    We are also dedicated to providing our customers with the best water pumps and water storage systems available. We’re a member of Gould’s Professional Dealer Association (GPDA) but our technicians can service any type of water pump out there. We also offer winterization and spring opening services.

    Whether you need maintenance or you need something like a water storage tank installed to provide additional water solutions, we’re here for you. Our many years of service in the industry mean you can count on us for all of your needs. Call us today at315-727-4644 or 636-8211.

    Improve your Water

    One of our most popular services is the installation of water softeners and water treatments to improve the quality of your water. Hard water leads to build-up around your sink, can ruin your dishes, and can even damage your skin and your hair. Don’t continue to use hard water when there’s a solution right around the corner. Let us provide you with the water you deserve with our top quality water softeners. Syracuse, New York water may be hard but you don’t have to accept that!

    If you’ve seen any of the signs of hard water, you need to take action.


    In addition to handling hard water issues, our trained experts are specialized in a number of different water treatment systems. We install, maintain and repair these systems in addition to the other services we offer. They include the following:
    • Water softeners
    • Chlorination systems
    • Hydrogen peroxide systems
    • Reverse osmosis (RO) systems
    • Ultra violet filters
    • Submersible pumps
    • Jet pumps
    • Variable speed constant pressure systems
    • Water storage tanks
    • Whole house filters

    The owner of Amber Pump & Water Treatment, Bryan Wolf, is a NYS DEC certified well pump installer and is a member of Gould’s Professional Dealer Association.

    Happy Customers

    If you’re in need of a water pump, water treatment, or drilling in Syracuse, New York has one company : Amber Pump & Water Treatment. Call us today at 315-727-4644 or 636-8211 to discuss your needs and what we can do for you.