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Water Pumps and Storage Systems

Amber Pump and Water Treatment sells, installs, and maintains a variety of water pumps and water storage units in Syracuse, New York.

  • Submersible Well Pumps: Submersible well pumps do not need to be primed, making them ideal for deep wells.
  • Jet Pumps: Jet pumps are typically used for shallow wells.
  • Variable Speed Water Pressure Systems: Variable speed water pressure systems ensure that the water pressure for its area remains constant despite uneven water demand throughout the day.
  • Booster Pump Systems: Booster pump systems are mainly used to increase low municipal water pressure. Booster pumps are ideal for high-elevation buildings.
  • Pressure Tanks: Pressure tanks keep water available for households that are on well water.
  • Water Storage Tanks: Water storage tanks store water until the owner is ready to use the water. Water storage tanks are typically used for low-producing volume well systems.

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Amber Pump and Water Treatment

Amber Pump and Water Treatment